Mission Statement

The Utah Risk Management Agency (URMA) welcomes the membership of those Utah governmental entities dedicated to improving their communities through the prevention and control of loss who are willing to commit time, effort and funds to protect their citizens, employees and public resources. 

  • Identify, analyze and recommend risk reduction strategies. 
  • Reduce risk through training, education and risk transfer.
  • Adopt appropriate policies, procedures, programs and guidelines.
  • Share ideas and programs;
  • Control loss or further injury after an occurrence or claim.
  • Pool resources to spread the risk of loss where and when appropriate.
  • Protect against catastrophic loss.
  • Reduce costs by the joint purchase of protection and services whenever possible.
  • Maintain long-term financial stability by funding all obligations at responsible levels.
  • Improve the legal and risk management environment by proposing and supporting favorable legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Foster cooperation and joint action with other affected entities.
  • Require a high degree of commitment to the Agency’s risk management programs by all members.
  • The Agency will emphasize risk management activities that improve our communities rather than insurance. It will strive for excellence in all areas of endeavor. Adequate staff or outside service providers will be hired to provide the services established by URMA’s governing body.
  • Each member is expected to actively participate in all areas of risk management and to implement the Agency’s programs. Programs and policies which generally promote responsibility and accountability of individual members are favored. Expenses shall be equitably allocated and shared among the members.