2021 URMA Bryce Canyon Summer Conference

July 28-30th, 2021

Ruby’s Inn

26 South Main Street, Bryce Canyon City, UT

Ruby’s Inn is holding a limited number of rooms for us

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Patrick Ibarra – Keynote Speaker

Workshop: We’ve Always Done It That Way Is Over: What’s Next?

During these times of unprecedented and disruptive change, leaders must improve their ability to manage a perplexing paradox – how to stay focused on today’s business while building tomorrow’s. To move forward, leaders must themselves, and develop in their employees, the ability to toggle between being responsive and proactive.  In this workshop, three degrees of change will be shared along with next practices about reimagining your community, redesigning your consumer experience, resetting your workplace culture, and refreshing your talent management practices.


Patrick Ibarra, a former city manager and director of human resources, is co-founder and partner of the Mejorando Group, an organizational effectiveness consulting firm that brings fresh thinking, innovation, and next practices to help governments succeed. The Mejorando Group’s clients include a variety of local governments across the country including several in Utah.  A frequent speaker at conferences of government professionals, Patrick shares practical strategies to leaders in their pursuit to move their organization forward in all directions. He also authors articles offering specific actions leaders and managers can implement to immediately improve organizational performance.